balayage bal¦ay|age
Pronunciation: /ˈbalɪjɑːʒ/

A technique for highlighting hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.

Whether it’s soft face framing lights, or a full head application for maximum impact, Balayage is a creative technique that gives every client a unique result. Unlike more uniform methods of partial lightening, balayage is completely freehand, allowing the colourist to personalise it to the individual, creating a result that is seamless and diffused, adding movement and texture to any length of hair. Craig has been a devotee for over a decade as the process lends itself perfectly to his hair aesthetic, which is for a natural result, even if a client ultimately wants to be five shades lighter. The technique uses tried and trusted products from several professional haircare brands, which deliver great results for many different applications.