Craig has been my hairdresser for almost two decades and I can’t possibly imagine anyone more adept and talented with cutting and colouring hair. He has a strong down-to-earth sense of what really works – not just what ‘looks good’– a cut that a client can take home and look after themselves, on a daily basis. The way he colours hair is a revolution in natural style, no one ever realises just how grey I am or how not-natural my increasingly blonde locks are… I would be lost without him.


I first met Craig in 1990 when work relocated me across the road from the salon he worked in, in Blackfriars….he took on my mop of thick long hair from a more reluctant and less enthusiastic stylist…..his enthusiasm for his craft had never dimmed (quite an accolade as the majority of us fade in this, in whatever career we are in) As was the ‘mode’ at the time, he patiently and expertly permed my locks so that I resembled a curlier version of Sue Ellen in Dallas!!! He has slowly coaxed me out of such atrocities and throughout has kept my hair in excellent condition, beautifully styled and (sadly now) expertly coloured so that most people do not believe I am extremely grey……..he will also tell me candidly when I come up with ideas that won’t work well – honesty is a rare prize when someone is charging you for what might be a discretionary purchase…. I had no hesitation in following him to Soho and now into his third salon there….I have since moved out of London and now journey 2 and a half hours each way to visit him…infact, I often solely come up to town to have my haircut. It is still a treat and he still does it brilliantly…..he has also become a good chum….well, after 22 years we know each other pretty well and he knows my hair even better!


If you want absolute proof of Craig’s skills as a stylist and colourist, quiz a few of his clients about the length of their hair-based relationship: 2 years, 4 years, 6 years… In my case it’s 8 years and counting. No one sticks with a stylist who doesn’t come up with the goods (after all, there’s no shortage of salons in central London) and working in the glossy-magazine industry means I’m more aware than most of hot new hairdressing talent. But clients stay with Craig. He’s a skilled, sensitive colourist and a fabulous hairdresser. I wouldn’t trust my locks with anyone else.

Craig’s great skill is that he really listens. Where some stylists grow slack, lazily knocking out the same tired cut and colour, Craig always takes time find out what you really want. He cares enough to remember the details of his clients’ lives and that translates into smart, savvy hairdressing.

Every time I see Craig, I leave his salon feeling great. He’s kind, caring, funny and fashionable (and every woman wants to feel on-trend, even if it’s just for the school run). He’s a talented, clever stylist – skilled enough with scissors to ensure his cuts continue to look good as they grow out. And he’s an artful colourist, adapting my highlights as the years clock up and magically disguising my ever-multiplying grey strands. I could go on, but the proof lies in the length of this hair-based love affair. Why do I stick with Craig Purves? In the words of L’Oreal, ‘because he’s worth it.’


I have been a loyal client of Craig’s now for about 12 years. In the past I have always sat in the hairdressing chair with sweaty palms and feeling anxious as nobody ever understood what I wanted. Craig has a gift at listening and delivering what you need and want with a very creative style, making you feel confident and looking a million dollars! When you find someone like Craig you will be with him for life.


Back in the days when Belinda Carlisle was still having hits, She Who Must Be Obeyed told me she had discovered a new hairdresser. ‘You must go – he’s fantastic’. I took the mullet-like confection I chose to think of as a hairstyle to this young pretender. After a couple of visits he’d sorted me out, and I’ve been going ever since. What can I say? The cut, of course, is always perfect, so it’s about much more than that. Before Craig, a haircut was almost on a par with a visit to the dentist – today it’s a treat.